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This is our Blog. We welcome everyone, to post any questions. Roasts & Basically….. Whatever the F you want! Please genuinely, just don’t hold back any thoughts, advice or tips. Everybody is welcome here, Man/Woman, Dog or Cat.

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Our Team: Our team involves, 2 people.

  • Kieran Whitaker, 24 – Melbourne (Originally from Preston)
  • Sean Harrison, 25 – Melbourne (Originally from Liverpool)
My vision is ‘Everybody is entitled to their views, opinions and inspiration. Everybody needs a place, to visit which offers them a safe place to express how they feel. I have now offered this Podcast to anybody in the world, to access completely free of charge.’ – Using my skillset to bring forward a new idea, to make a difference.

‘To spread my own personal vision and enable, a collective of people to have fun, speak out and have a platform to appreciate. Which is not a toxic environment like most of the social media platforms we have out there, which profit from misfortunes and give anybody the access to bully and get ahold of anybody, with ease. I do not agree with this. It’s 2022………. Time to level up and move elsewhere!’

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Hi, I’m Kieran. I started up this Podcast to bring people together, build a community, chat shit & have fun! I’m on a mission to make it a BIG thing….. That people have a community where they are welcome, acknowledged and able to speak out…..About anything! Read more

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